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History of Entaco Fishing Systems

From the early 1900's, fish-hooks and tackle were produced as well as needles.

Tackle and fish-hooks were produced in large workshops and finished to a high standard with rods and reels of brass and varnished mahogany. Fur and feathers were stored for the fly dressers to create hooks for the sporting fishermen.

Fish-hooks were dispatched around the world, from Newfoundland to the Philippines.

During the second world war, the tackle industry ground to a halt as the factory workers were reassigned to the production of arms by the BSA (Birmingham Small Arms Company.

Trawlers, unable to use nets due to mines laid in the North Sea, switched to hook and line fishing, so whilst the tackle production ceased for the years of the war, fish-hooks manufacture continued.

In the 1990's, Entaco developed patented longline fishing sytems which are currently sold worldwide.